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15 Nov

Leading Property Data Research Firm Punctual Abstract Launches New Brand

by Punctual Abstract


New Contemporary Logo Reflects Company’s Innovation & Technology Focus

Harvey, LA (November 14, 2022): Punctual Abstract — a leading nationwide source for property data, abstracts, title evidence, and comprehensive national title production services — announces a new brand identity to reflect the company’s focus on innovation and technology.

“The new brand is designed to highlight the evolution of Punctual Abstract over the past nearly 30 years from a regional abstracting company to a technologically-advanced national title evidence and land data research firm providing custom solutions for the real estate, utilities, and renewable energy sectors,” said Ted Woloszyk, CEO of Punctual Abstract.

The new brand portrays a contemporary high-tech spin on the firm’s established “compass” mark. It is a pictorial expression of Punctual Abtract’s journey from an analog firm that began in 1993 with in-person searches written by hand and delivered in person, to what the firm has become — a highly advanced land data research firm supported by a robust information technology team that develops accurate property histories delivered through title closing platform integrations and custom tech solutions.

See the new brand HERE.

As a part of the rebrand, the firm’s tagline, “A National Solution With A Local Touch,” has also been updated. The new tagline, “Title Production Through Technology™” speaks to the firm’s commitment to innovating the land title evidence process.

Punctual Abstract – A Quick History

In 1993, when Punctual Abstract was founded, property evidence was researched manually by pouring through dusty books in courthouse basements in the parishes surrounding New Orleans. Abstracts were written by hand and delivered in person. The work of searching the narrative history of property ownership was arduous, analog, time-consuming, and extremely inefficient. Still, the company grew.
Founder Steve Daigle’s diligence, expertise, and local knowledge gave him an edge over the competition, and soon he began hiring and training staff. The dawn of the internet made searching more effective, little by little, as courthouses began to digitize their land data.

Fast forward to today. Punctual Abstract now operates in all 50 states, with hundreds of researchers supported by an advanced staff of information technology experts who have developed proprietary software and systems that search and assist in the analysis of property data nationwide. Punctual Abstract’s software has robust API integrations with the real estate industry’s leading title closing software platforms to create seamless delivery of data in title agency systems, populating fields and helping agents to close files and get to the closing table faster. Punctual Abstract’s software development team has developed comprehensive validation and machine learning logic to improve data integrity and efficiency. Leveraging that, along with RPA and instant title plants, Punctual Abstract has a leg up on the competition in accessing, evaluating, and delivering the right title data to its clients seamlessly.

The addition of researchers well versed in the intricacies of utility and renewable energy land data research created the firm’s PunctualEnergy division to provide specialty property evidence to the energy sector. PunctualEnergy serves wind, solar, battery storage, cell phone towers, and other commercial land uses. These advances transformed the company’s scope and capabilities, prompting the need for an update of the Punctual Abstract brand.

About Punctual Abstract

Accurate. Punctual. One point of contact for local searches nationwide for residential, commercial, and energy searches. Punctual Abstract is a leading nationwide source for abstracts, title evidence, and comprehensive national title production services. Our PunctualEnergy division specializes in solar, wind, oil & gas, and cell tower land patent searches. Punctual Abstract is a SOC 2 Type 1 Certified abstracting firm with millions of abstracts performed since 1993. Our proprietary software integrates with most title/escrow platforms, or we can provide a custom solution, to improve data integrity and SLA’s. Punctual Abstract is headquartered in the New Orleans metro and serves all 50 states. Punctual Abstract. Title Production Through Technology™ PunctualAbstract.com