Our technology

Our technology infrastructure is an intricate element of our business and is funded to maintain the latest and best available to provide our services at the highest of standards. Punctual’s in-house Technology Team works diligently to ensure 24/7/365 reliability of our individual workstations, network infrastructure, and server environments. Exceedingly advanced relative to our competition, our technology has made us an effective, efficient, and well-organized company.

Punctual owns and maintains its own equipment in Harvey, LA, Baton Rouge, LA and Dallas, TX, hosting physical servers both in Harvey and at our colocation in Dallas, TX to provide uninterrupted access to services and superb data integrity. We use VOIP telecommunications which offers an interoffice telephone network from any location.

At our Harvey location, which is our main office, we have a host server running several virtual servers, dual high speed internet connections (40Mbps fiber optic and 50/20 Mbps cable) and redundant battery backups to provide uninterrupted power. A backup generator provides power to the office and then equipment during a power outage.
Our Dallas colocation, at a Tierpoint Data Center, includes dual 50 Mbps fiber optic internet connections and dual power supply sources for connectivity redundancy. Our proprietary web based application, the Punctual Abstract Base System or PABS is hosted in Dallas. We have two host servers running several virtual servers along with other network equipment that is configured for automatic load balancing and high availability failover.
At our Baton Rouge location, at the Transformyx Data Center, includes dual high bandwidth internet connections and dual power supply sources for connectivity redundancy. Our VOIP phone system is hosted in Baton Rouge. A secure Level 3 Communications MPLS fiber connection interfaces with the VOIP phone system to our Harvey location.

With our business being very fast paced, it is imperative that we are able to recover from a significant data loss or interruption within minutes. To assure this, we perform a backup of each server six times a day, once every two hours, between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm. These are considered to be “local backups”, but are full virtual images and allow for any range of restoration from as small as a single specific file recovery to a full server image restoration. Each night the local backups from our Harvey location are replicated to Dallas and vice versa. This allows for us to “Spin up” servers from either site in the event that one of the sites is inaccessible or down.

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