Abstract of Title in Louisiana

Every state is different. Our home state of Louisiana takes that to an extreme.
Some people are scared to do real estate transactions in Louisiana. The process of getting simple abstracts done in rural areas is often frustrating. Many title companies, lenders, and title agents mention that they’re not able to find an attorney in Louisiana to write the title opinion, or they have trouble finding an underwriter. What’s worse? As the result of a law change several years ago, all insured transactions require an attorney opinion.

How we Streamline Louisiana Transactions

But Louisiana is our home state, and we are proud to have the software and the know-how to streamline your transactions here.

As a package deal, we provide title abstracts plus attorney opinions with the same average turn-time as our other products: 24-48 hours.

Our Louisiana Abstract Expertise

Since 1993, we have been building a Base Abstract Plant System in all 64 Parishes in the State of Louisiana. Our large team of abstractors have worked with us from the courthouses across Louisiana for over 20 years, boasting a combined 500+ years of experience. We provide local service with a national reach, specializing in the ‘boots on the ground’ areas nationwide.

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