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Our team of professionals offers a wide range of services to our loyal customers. Please see below for a complete list of our services available to you, where legally permitted by your state laws, including but not limited to: notary closings, attorney opinions, recordation, conveyance/mortgage certificates, and curative resolution services.

A two owner search encompasses a search of the present and previous owner. This particular report includes copies of conveyance documents for the current and prior owner, in addition to copies of any open mortgages during this period and current tax information.
A full abstract search includes a search of all matters affecting a specific parcel of real estate. An abstract will cover all conveyance documents, voluntary and involuntary liens, judgments, mortgages, and current tax information. We will determine how far back we search depending on the jurisdiction.
Limited to the state of Louisiana, Punctual Abstract prepares mortgage and conveyance certificates. The certificates contain similar information as that found in an abstract and typically gets recorded along with the deed and mortgage in a cash sale.
The search entails locating the current vesting deed and any prior deeds within the chain of title for any amount of time requested. We can likewise perform a search of any open mortgage liens and will also include a name/general index search of any involuntary liens and/or judgments.
Curative title work includes locating judgments, obtaining releases, preparing affidavits of correction and address scrivener’s errors.
A current owner search includes a 24-month chain of title, a 20 year name/general index search and current tax information.
Prepare conveyance documents such as Warranty, Grant and Quitclaim Deeds.
In connection with a closing or while undertaking title curative measures, we will also ensure documents have been recorded or filed properly for our client.
We can even provide certified copies of recorded documents. If the recording information isn’t readily available to you, we can also perform a limited search to locate a document or documents.
A legal and vesting search involves researching the most current deed only.
Punctual Abstract delivers the abstract, title evidence, ancillary documents—such as HOA estoppels, tax certificates, and municipals—bundled together in a fully examined, commitment-ready product delivered into your closing software platform. Visit our National Title Production page for further details.
Our PunctualEnergy division provides abstracts, title searches, and curative work for the solar, wind, oil & gas, and battery storage industries. Visit our PunctualEnergy page for further details.
We will undertake a search of the tax records and provide a three to four year history of all payments for each Parish, County and City.
Punctual Abstract frequently works with title agencies and attorneys to prepare title commitments and opinions. Our system integrates with our client’s to assure fast and accurate search packages which can easily be transformed into either a title commitment or attorney opinion of title.
Statewide and/or County/Parish specific UCC research.
Date downs are performed starting from a specified time period to look for documents recorded in the gap period. These are typically performed prior to a real estate closing, but can be undertaken at any time as needed.

Price quotes are available upon request and are tailored, based on each customer’s needs and requirements. For more information about our complete list of services or to obtain a price quote, give us a call today at (800) 588-0046 or email us at

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