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French Arpent Challenge Part Deux!!

March 1, 2017

Morning All, I want to congratulate one person for being brave enough to take the French Arpent Challenge, thank you Rodney Curole, Jr. for taking the time to answer yesterday’s trivia question. The question posed was if an arpent is 192 feet, how far would the 80 Arpent Road in Marrero be from the river? The Answer is approximately 15,360 feet! If you multiply 192 x 80 you get 15,360, with this knowledge you can now convert arpents to feet. Why is this important, you ask? Well in Louisiana along the river parishes many of the descriptions start out as being measured in arpents and later become feet, if you don’t know how to convert you can be left scratching your head as to what property you were supposed to be searching. Now with this information in mind I again throw out a challenge, are you willing to try??

Convert the description below to feet, please.

A certain lot of ground, situated in the Parish of St. James, State of Louisiana, on the right descending bank of the Mississippi River 60 miles above the City of New Orleans, fronting 2 arpents on the Mississippi River converging back to the 40 arpent line, and measuring 1 and 1/2 arpents in the rear.

Email me your descriptions.