Did Ya Know

How are Titles Created?

January 11, 2017

The other day we read that a title is simply a bundle of ownership rights, recognized and protected by a court of law; today we are going to talk about how titles are created. The terms “title” and “rights of ownership” are practically the same and since “ownership” is a more familiar term we might call this “how ownerships in real estate are created”.  Ownerships, or titles, are created by deeds of conveyance, wills, inheritance, court decrees, and operation of law. So, what is a deed? We have all heard the word a thousand times but, what is it? Here is the definition as derived from the LTI course: “A deed is a written contract or agreement between a seller, who signs the deed and is called the “grantor”, and a purchaser to whom the deed conveys real estate and who is called the “grantee.” So there you have it!