Did Ya Know

The Quit Claim Deed & Deed Wrap Up!

January 18, 2017

The quitclaim deed is like a catch all deed – it makes no warranties in regards to the title or that the seller even owns the property. Simply put, the seller (grantor) surrenders all rights, if any, to the buyer (grantee) and makes no representations or warranties with respect to the title or anything else. Quitclaim deeds are commonly used to “correct” potential title flaws such as the  appearance clauses, tenancy issues and ownership interest.

We could literally spend the next month going over the various types of transfers of title such as foreclosures, estates, property settlements, but we don’t want to bore everyone to death so we will be moving on. Each type of transfer serves a purpose and with a little research we can all move beyond the “because this is how it is done” to the “this is why it is done.” I would be happy to address any questions if someone would like additional information on anything we have covered thus far.