Did Ya Know

What is a Title – the Sequel!

January 6, 2017

So as we discussed yesterday a title gives you the “right” to enter upon the land and to possess, occupy, use, control, enjoy and dispose of the land. The LTI course goes on about this topic for 5 paragraphs, I mean really, 5 paragraphs! In an effort to not lull everyone back to sleep I will condense it down to this: you can’t see a title but it exists because the law says it exists. You can’t see a title you can only see “evidence of title” in things like deeds, wills and judgments of possession and such. There are different types of title’s out there and we will discuss them as time goes along but for now this will do. So the next time someone asks, “What is a title?” you can answer, “It is the rights of ownership of real estate recognized and protected by the law, and those rights are primarily the right to possess, occupy, use, control, enjoy, and dispose of the real estate.” That “bundle of rights” is called a title.