Did Ya Know

Why all This History Stuff??

February 24, 2017

Morning All, I am sure there are many of you out there wondering “why does this woman keep talking about the ancient history of abstracting, I need help abstracting NOW”! Well there are two reasons first as I mentioned before, I am a complete title nerd and I find this stuff interesting, and two, how can you really know why we do what we do if we don’t know how we got there? We at Punctual are striving to be industry leaders in the abstracting aspect of the business and to do that we must have trained abstractors who are passionate about what they do. I have learned so many interesting things over the past two months, and that just fuels my fire to want to learn more. I think it has had the same effect for some of you because people are starting to call or email me questions. I feel honored that people trust me enough to ask questions that support them in learning their craft. Sometimes I know the answers sometime don’t, but together we do the research so that we can all learn from it.

What we do really is a unique and there is a certain art to doing it well. Anyone can gather information from the various sources and slap it together and pass it along to the client, many companies do that. Here at Punctual we are an ABSTRACTING company, and that is the difference. Abstractors gather information, we note what we find, we point out potential issues, we gather information beyond the standard to aid our client in fixing those potential issues. An example would be deed one states the subdivision name is The Willows, the next deed states the subdivision name is the The Willow, well which is it? We abstractors take the time to view the plat and make a remark to the client so that they can have a correction done. The information gathering companies make the copies and let the client figure it out.

I don’t know if someone famous said this first but my Daddy used to tell me all the time “Baby Girl there are two ways to do a job, the right way or the long way, you choose.” It takes a sense of wonder, a thrill of the hunt, a passion for perfection to be a good abstracting company, are you willing to be part of our team? We hope so! Never be afraid to question, seek out those errors, and pass on your knowledge. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and that we  all have easy titles!