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25 Apr

Workplace Stress, Corporate Wellness And Productivity

by Punctual Abstract

It’s no secret that stress leads to lost productivity. It’s also no secret that exercise reduces stress. It doesn’t take a huge leap in logic to arrive at the conclusion that all businesses should be practicing some form of corporate wellness. Yet many businesses find it difficult to believe that taking time away from work can actually lead to more work getting done.

Workplace Stress

Numerous studies have shown that workplace stress is the primary source of stress for Americans. What’s more? It’s gotten worse in the past several decades. Workplace stress is costing the U.S. economy $300 billion annually for everything from accidents and employee turnover to diminished productivity and absenteeism. As a result, corporate wellness programs have become more and more popular.

Three Ways Exercise Reduces Stress

Particularly popular are wellness programs that include on-site exercise. Exercise is the most efficient, all-natural and effective stress-reduction strategy.

  • Moderate And High Intensity Exercise Releases Endorphins, The Body’s Natural Pleasure Chemical. Having A Good Supply Of Endorphins Makes It Much Harder To Succumb To Stress.
  • Another Aspect Of Exercise That Helps To Relieve And Prevent Stress Is Its Meditative Properties. Rhythmically Repeating An Exercise Allows The Mind To Relax, Putting It In A State Of Meditation. In The Middle Of A Busy Day, Exercise Can Help Clear The Mind Of Worries And Give The Body A Fresh Feeling Of Rejuvenation.
  • Social Interaction Is An Often Underappreciated Aspect Of Exercise. Naturally, You Have To Exercise In A Group To Experience This Benefit. That’s Why At Punctual Abstract, Our Corporate Wellness Program Is Designed To Bring Co-Workers Together To Improve Themselves. This Naturally Improves The Entire Office Culture And Keeps Us Working As A Cohesive Unit.

Corporate Wellness at Punctual Abstract

At Punctual Abstract, we support the health and well being of our staff with the help of Dalton Hunter, Troy Serpas and Rachel Miles of Rack City Gym. Through onsite health promotion programs and awareness campaigns, we promote the emotional, physical and intellectual health of our employees and their families.

We hope you find some good advice, inspiration and ideas you can use in your place of work in on our corporate wellness blog!