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23 Jan

2018 Nutrition Trends You Need To Know

by Punctual Abstract

If you haven’t heard of these 2018 nutrition trends, you’re likely to hear about them pretty soon — probably from that health-conscious friend. All of us have one. That’s why we’re giving you a head start!

Start the Year Right with these 2018 Nutrition Trends


You’ve heard of Omega-3s. Omega-9s are three times better! Also known as monounsaturated fats, Omega-9s are becoming more popular thanks to their ability to regulate blood sugar levels. Many Omega-9 products use algae oil, which have the benefit of not requiring chemical extraction. It can be cooked with and has a high smoke point of 485 degrees. Algae oil is also low in saturated fat.


In our busy lives, fitting whole grains into our diets is a challenge. Whole grain foods require more cooking time. That’s why many food companies are switching to pseudograins — seeds that look and taste like grains but cook much faster. Quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth are common examples.

Dairy-free probiotics

Most probiotics consumed today come in the form of yogurt. They are not good for those who avoid dairy. Hence the rise in plant-based probiotics, which improve digestion and immune system function.

Chicory root fiber

As a New Orleans company, we know a lot about chicory. New Orleans’ most famous coffee blend from Café du Monde is a mix of chicory (an old coffee substitute) and the real stuff. You may be seeing more chicory — specifically nutrition bars, yogurt from Oikos, oatmeal and smoothies with chicory root fiber — popping up thanks to its health benefits. Chicory root fiber is the only prebiotic proven to improve calcium absorption and digestive health.

Cottage Cheese

Goodbye Greek yogurt. Hello cottage cheese. As the drive to fit more protein and less carbs in our diets continues, cottage cheese may very well supplant Greek yogurt as our smoothie-maker of choice. Nonfat cottage cheese boasts 24 g of protein per cup. Greek yogurt only has 20 g. Protein is important because it helps keep us full longer, reducing the chances we will opt for unhealthy snacks or fast food in a pinch.

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