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24 Aug

Four Strange Workouts…That Work

by Punctual Abstract

Here are a few strange workouts you will love if the idea of 20 pull-ups or 15 lunges doesn’t entice you. What’s more, they actually work!

Invert Your Exercise

Bat-like, inverted exercises where you hang upside down from your calves may sound a little odd, and it is. Yoga experts in particular have vouched for the effectiveness of inverted exercises, claiming that they ease stress on joints and spine. Be sure to check with a doctor before doing inverted exercises, as they are a bit extreme. People with past injures or blood pressure issues should be especially careful.

Desk Exercises

Yes, these actually exist. As a company with a popular Corporate Wellness Program, we are proud to say that our employees do not have to break a sweat at the desk—but they could if they wanted to! By far the most basic, and most ‘secretive’ desk exercises are isometric shrugs for our shoulders, isometric neck extensions for your back and neck, and isometric pushdowns for your arms. For a more complete list, check out 10 Office Exercises You Can Do Secretly. But now, on to more strange workouts!

Pogo For It!

Go for it, with a pogo stick! No, you probably don’t have one anymore. If you do, you’ll probably have to dig it up out of the garage or basement, dust it off, and grease the springs. If you do have one laying around, you have an exercise device that can help you burn about as many calories as running. In about an hour of pogoing, you will burn 600 calories – similar to the number of calories burned running an hour.

Running Backwards

According to a 2011 study, running backwards uses about 30% more energy than running the traditional way – forward. It’s also much easier on the knees. The obvious drawback to backwards running is that you are running backwards, and can’t see where you are going.

National Abstracting Services With A Local Touch

Punctual Abstract is more than a national title abstracting company. We are a team that cares about the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of every team member. That’s why we partnered with Rack City Gym to give our employees easy access to physical trainers and workout equipment. The end result has been healthier, happier employees (and CEOs) as well as a measureable increase in productivity!

We don’t just review strange workouts though. To learn about our abstracting services, visit our homepage or contact us directly at our Harvey, LA office!