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21 Aug

Stress eating: why we do it and how to stop

by Punctual Abstract

Call it what you want: comfort food, emotional eating, stress eating—but we all do it to some extent. After a long and stressful day, we reach for something tasty that requires little or no preparation. It’s what psychologists call a coping mechanism, something that takes your mind away from the stress.

Stress eating every now and then is no big deal. It’s when it becomes a habit that it can be really detrimental to your health. A recent American Psychological Association survey found that 40% of adults overate or consumed junk food in response to stress in the previous month. 20% did so on a weekly basis.

So how do you stop stress eating in its tracks?

By being prepared. Doctors and psychologists who study stress and eating have uncovered numerous ways to short-circuit the connection between your brain and your belly when you’re stressed. Here are a few of our favorites, which can easily be used in an office setting:

Go Nuts

Walnuts, pistachios, and almonds are all packed with healthy fats and B vitamins, the latter of which naturally helps reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Keep a jar of nuts on hand — in your office, at your house — and you’ve got a healthy way to relieve your hunger and reduce your stress.

Take a walk

It sounds counterintuitive, because walking (and every other kind of exercise) burns energy. But taking a brisk 15-minute walk will release endorphins that provide a sense of relaxation, which will cancel out the stress-induced cravings and make you feel better too.


This tasty spice has been clinically proven to curb hunger cravings, and it does the trick whether in powder or tea form. Sprinkle some in your morning coffee to help you get to your lunch break without snacking!

Corporate Wellness from Punctual Abstract

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