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Three Common Workout Mistakes To Avoid…Don’t Sweat In Vain!
16 Feb

Three Common Workout Mistakes To Avoid…Don’t Sweat In Vain!

by Punctual Abstract

Are you making one of these classic workout mistakes?

Let’s be honest. Working out is hard. It takes effort and dedication, so there’s nothing worse than finding out what you are doing is actually counterproductive — weakening muscle rather than strengthening it, exhausting yourself without allowing yourself to be replenished.

We’re here to help you avoid common workout mistakes so you don’t have to learn the hard way. No more busting your behind for nothing. We hope you enjoy!

Too much or too little cardio

Running too much can backfire. Running too little delivers the expected results. But what is this Goldilocks Zone — the perfect amount of cardio? Between 25 and 45 minutes is ideal. It will give you a workout but won’t punish your body so much that it can’t recover before your next workout. Signs you may be doing too much cardio include feeling exhausted and depressed after a workout instead of energized and happy; unable to sleep or not getting enough quality sleep; getting sick frequently.

Concentrating on too few body areas

Symmetry and balance are incredibly important. Muscle imbalances, which are caused by exercising too few areas of the body at the expense of others, cause injuries, strains, and joint and tendon pain that can keep you out of the gym for months. Focus on working out different regions of the body every week and doing high intensity workouts that target the entire body, like ellipticals.

Not feeding your muscles after a workout

When you work out, your muscles break down. That’s why it hurts. The reason you get stronger from working out is that after they break down they regrow, resulting in bigger and stronger muscles. If you are not eating after your workout, and aren’t eating the right foods, your muscles will be breaking down without the ability to repair themselves. Ideally you should eat a high-protein snack or meal within one hour of your workout. Whey protein is an excellent choice. You see it at almost every gym and for good reason. Unlike other high-protein foods, whey protein is extremely easy on the digestive tract. When you replenish your muscles with whey protein after a workout, your body can focus on repairing your muscles rather than breaking down protein.

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